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Building a Bridge to the Sub-Conscious Mind

Since 1971, with immense success and response, The Barrar Hypnosis Centers, Board Certified Master Hypnotherapists, have helped celebrities, athletes, executives, students, families and people of all ages stop smoking, lose weight, control anger, alcohol and drug addiction, over come fears/phobias, guilt, reduce stress/anxiety, improve sports activities, memory, public speaking and study skills. These are just a few topics that our professionals can help you accomplish. Our highly successful Group Hypnosis Sessions, One to One Clinical Hypnosis Sessions, Special Hypnosis Seminars and entertaining Stage Hypnosis Shows can help you achieve your desired goals.

Short term treatment, long term results

The most common topics are STOP SMOKING, STRESS,
WEIGHT CONTROL with high success rates.

Would you like to know about a modern multi-service program
that can introduce you to the many benefits of Hypnosis?

Call for free consultation: 1(815) 967-0034 or 1(847) 476-9684

Email us or call us for further information and/or an appointment.

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